5 Best Compact Steam Cleaner 2020

5 Best Surface Compact Steam Cleaner Review In 2020

Planning to make your life easier? Want to add a little convenience and simplicity to your life? Are you burdened with a lot of work and need a little relief from cleaning? Well, the solution to all your cleaning problems lies in this article of the 5 best compact steam cleaner 2020 review.

We have compiled a list of the most appropriate and the best steam cleaners that are not only simple to use but also incredibly easy to clean your house. Now people opt for the best choices, including the compact steam cleaners that are perfect for cleaning the floor and other surfaces.

Top Pick

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop and Hard Wood Floor Cleaner


Bissell powerfresh steam cleaner is undoubtedly an incredibly high-performance steam cleaner. It is capable of sanitizing hardwood surfaces.Check Price

Shark Steam Pocket Hardwood Steam Cleaner


Shark steam pocket cleaner is one of the mop style steam cleaner. It is great because of the continuous supply of steam to clean the wooden surfaces.Check Price

McCullock Steam Cleaner


McCullock steam cleaner that comes with various attachments, this steam cleaner must be the one. 18 different accessories come with a steam cleaner.Check Price

PurSteam World’s Best Chemical-Free Steam Cleaner


PurSteam cleaner is a perfect choice. It is a fast and effective steam cleaner with easy handling.Check Price

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop


O-Cedar top-notch quality steam cleaner that is the best for carpets. It can also clean other surfaces and a great steam cleaner for carpets.Check Price


Below we have the best compact steam cleaner review that you must check. Look for the options below and then decide on the most appropriate option.

1-Bissell Powerfresh Steam Mop

BISSELL Power Fresh Steam Mop, Floor Steamer, Tile Cleaner, and Hard Wood Floor Cleaner

The first one on the list is the Bissell powerfresh steam cleaner that is undoubtedly an incredibly high-performance steam cleaner. It is capable of sanitizing and cleaning the hardwood surface and the tiled surface very quickly and easily.

This steam cleaner can heat the water and turn it into steam in just 30 seconds, which is commendable. This steam cleaner is a mop style steam cleaner which can tidy up your room very quickly. It is designed for various surfaces, including the hardwood floor, and you can also clean the carpet with this steam cleaner. The best part of using this steam cleaner is to clean very easily and without any delays.

It is a corded electric steam cleaner that is easy to clean and comes with various attachments, including the soft pad. There is a scrubbing pad also included. The power rating of this corded steam cleaner is 1500 watts.

There are three features of setting the steam. You can either choose the medium, high, or low setting based on your requirement. No doubt, it is a high-quality steam cleaner that comes with a user manual.

  • It comes with a one year warranty.
  • Cleans quickly and fast.
  • Chemical-free steam cleaner.
  • The customer service is not the best.


2-Shark Steam Pocket Hardwood Steam Cleaner

Shark Steam Pocket Hardwood Steam Cleaner

This Shark steam pocket cleaner is another one of the mop style steam cleaner. It is great because of the quick and continuous steam supply to clean the wooden surfaces, but it can clean ceramic tile and marble surfaces. It is a great quality steam cleaner with a removable water tank with a capacity of 450 ml.

It comes with a microfiber pad for easy and quick cleaning. This compact and easy to use a steam cleaner is absolutely perfect for houses and offices. You can start it quickly using push-button, and it will instantly start cleaning without any delay.

However, we can still not tell the exact temperature of heat in this water and turning it into steam. But this steam cleaner can quickly clean the floor, whether it is ceramic or hardwood floor.

  • Cleans quickly.
  • It has a long cord.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • The water tank is not big enough.


3-McCullock Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

When you need a steam cleaner with various attachments, this steam cleaner must be the one. 18 different accessories come with a steam cleaner. Moreover, it is capable of cleaning the windows and various appliances and counters as well. Also, it is capable of cleaning the tile, hardwood, and ceramic floor as well.

It provides you with chemical-free cleaning and has a large capacity tank of 48 ounces. It can easily heat up in 8 minutes, and you can use this steam cleaner for up to 45 minutes for continuous cleaning. It is definitely a great choice for looking for a top-notch and high-quality steam cleaner for long term use.

This steam cleaner also comes with a warranty, and the list of attachments available with steam cleaners is never-ending. However, you must be careful about using the steam cleaner to get burnt with the heated steam.

  • Great steam cleaner with various accessories.
  • Continuous supply of steam for up to 45 minutes.
  • Quick and easy cleaning.
  • It can cause a burn if you come in contact with the steam.


4-PurSteam Steam Cleaner


When you are looking for a handheld cleaner, then this steam cleaner is a perfect choice. It is a fast and effective steam cleaner with easy handling. It comes with a long cord that you don’t have to worry about, and it offers fast heating, which takes only up to 3 to 4 minutes.

Nine different accessories come with this steam cleaner, which is great. There is a warranty of 1 year also available, and it cleans deeply without any delay. This steam cleaner is a heavy-duty steam cleaner, and it is also easy to store and easy to use.

It is a lightweight steam cleaner that can be used on several surfaces. For premium quality steam cleaning, this cleaner is the appropriate choice. It is not only great, but also there is a safety cap.

  • Easy to handle.
  • Simple steam cleaner with a warranty.
  • Chemical-free cleaning.
  • The safety cap does not work the best.


5-O Cedar Mop Steam Cleaner

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

The last one on the list is another top-notch quality steam cleaner that is the best for the carpets. It can also clean other surfaces, but it is considered a great steam cleaner for carpets. It can quickly heat the water and start cleaning without any delay. It weighs only five pounds, which makes it super lightweight and easy to handle.

Within 20 seconds, it can heat the water and turn it into steam for quick clean in. There is an extra microfiber pad available for better cleaning purposes. The adjustable head and removable pad are the two highlights of this incredible steam cleaner for better cleaning purposes.

  • Quick and easy cleaning.
  • Easy and simple replacement.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • It does not help with deep cleaning.


Why Buy A Stream Cleaner With Compact Size?

Whenever you are planning to get the steam cleaner, most people look for a compact size. But why the compact size is important? Well, the reason why you should get the steam cleaner in a compact size is the portability. With this travel size compact steam cleaner, you have the benefit of carrying them everywhere, wherever you want and need them. Also, the storage is a lot easier when you have a small and compact size steam cleaner. These compact cleaners are incredibly easy to use and set up these steam cleaners, and the functionality is also perfect.

There are several reasons why you should get the steam cleaner in a compact size. And cost-effectiveness and portability are the top reasons to get the steam cleaner.

These steam cleaners might have a small water tank, but the cleaning ability is also robust. These steam cleaners are the best because of the new innovative designs and features.

How To Choose The Right Compact Steam Cleaner?

There are several things that you need to consider when you are planning to get the steam cleaner. Below we have some of the features that you must consider when getting the steam cleaner.


The surface is one thing that you must consider when you are planning to buy a steam cleaner. The capability of the steam cleaner to clean various surfaces matters a lot. Therefore, you must understand the steam cleaner’s purpose and know what surface it can clean. Most steam cleaners are only perfect for smooth floors, but other models can be used on various other surfaces.

The Tank Size Of The Steam Cleaner

When you are getting the steam cleaner in the compact size, you should be sure about getting a small tank. There is no way that you can get a massive tank with are compact steam cleaner. The bigger the size of the tank is, the more convenient it is for you. When the large tank is filled with water, it can be used for a long while working on the surfaces. And also, you will not have to fill the tank with water every time you clean the surface.

The Cleaning Power Of The Steam Cleaner

The steam cleaner’s cleaning power is also another factor that increases the cleaner’s reliability and credibility. When there is a powerful steam cleaner, you can use it for a long while without any glitches. This is the best feature of the steam cleaner. The more power there is, the better it will be to clean the stain and remove the dirt very easily.

Rechargeable Or Corded Steam Cleaner

They are two different types of steam cleaners, and one is the rechargeable steam cleaner that does not have any cord, while the others are powered by electricity and have a cord. The cordless steam cleaners need a rechargeable battery, which must be robust enough to promptly clean the floor. However, the cordless steam cleaners are much easier to store and to travel with. Whereas when you have a steam cleaner connected with a cord and runs on the power supply has a little more advantage of not recharging all the time. It is not the best in terms of portability.


Also, check the cost of the portable and compact steam cleaner. Whichever model you are planning to purchase, you must compare it with other models as well. It will help you compare the features and the cost of the steam cleaner. You can also have a budget for your steam cleaner and then look for the options available. It will help you in making up your mind regarding the prices of the steam cleaner.


Most of the steam cleaners come with several attachments. You should check how many attachments there are for the steam cleaner and then decide whether you should purchase a steam cleaner or not. The more attachments there are, the better it is for you. It will be better for you to make the steam cleaner more functional with greater attachments and use them on various surfaces.

How To Use The Steam Cleaner?

Whether your steam cleaner is a handheld device or a mop, you must know how to use it. This is steam cleaner does not only removes dust but also cleans the dirt and stains as well. The steam cleaners are simple to use with the push button. You need to fill the water in the tank and wait for it to heat up. Once the steam cleaner is all heated, you can then start cleaning the surface that must be cleaned. The steam cleaner is easy to use, and you can also check the user manual for easier and better instructions.

Benefits Of Steam Cleaner

Simple And Easy Cleaning

The steam cleaner is capable of providing simple and easy cleaning. It does not involve any chemical or any detergent. The steam cleaners will clean the surface without any chemicals that can affect the surface.

Does Not Create Any Mess

The compact steam cleaners are a lot easier to use because of the limited mess that it creates. The steam cleaners need to be used properly; also, these handheld cleaners are available in compact size are perfectly easy to use on any surface.

Kills Bacteria And Germs

The steam cleaners can kill the bacteria and the germs and the bugs without any hassle. These steam cleaners are absolutely perfect to use and do not contain any chemicals.

Cost-Effective And Easy To Use

These steam cleaners are cost-effective and not only in the long term but in the short term, and the upfront cost is very affordable. These steam cleaners are perfect for long term usage, and they are straightforward to use and easily get your job done without any difficulty.

Safety Tips For Using The Steam Cleaner

The steam cleaners usually are easy to use, but you should still be careful when using them if you know how it burns when you feel the hot vapor or boiling water on your skin. The steam cleaner turns the water into steam, and it is hot. Therefore, you have to be careful while cleaning the surface, so you don’t burn yourself with the steam.

Even though the steam cleaners are compact in size and absolutely easy-to-use, you still need to be careful about maintaining them properly. If you are not maintaining the steam cleaner properly and not storing it appropriately, it will not work properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Use Detergent With The Steam Cleaner?

Whenever you are using the steam cleaner, it is not recommended to use soap or detergent material with the steam cleaner. The steam cleaners have a robust system of cleaning the stains and removing the dirt based only on the water and steam. Therefore, it is better not to use any other detergent to affect the steam cleaner’s functionality.

Does Steam Cleaner Help With Effective Cleaning?

Yes, the steam cleaner is an effective way of cleaning the dirt and the dust. It is also beneficial for cleaning the stains. The steam cleaning process also helps with killing germs and bugs.

Can You Clean The Hardwood Floor With The Steam Cleaner?

Most steam cleaners provide you with the feature of cleaning the hardwood floor with the steam cleaner. There is no restriction on using the steam cleaner on the hardwood floor as you can easily clean the surface with the steam cleaner. For other surface areas, you must check the user manual and the compatibility of the steam cleaner.

Is Handheld Steam Cleaner A Good Option?

When you look for relief from cleaning and a simple and easy cleaning system, getting the steam cleaner is the best choice. Usually, there are different steam cleaner types, including the handheld steam cleaner and the mop style steam cleaner. It is based on your preference about which steam cleaners you should choose.


Now that you have checked the compact steam cleaner 2020 review, you can easily decide which steam cleaner is the best for you. The steam cleaners in the article above are the best ones mentioned. You can determine which one of these steam cleaners are compatible with your house and the floor. Moreover, you can also find out the buying guide and the benefits of getting the steam cleaner. You can easily decide whether you actually need a steam cleaner or not and how you should buy the steam cleaner. These steam cleaners that we have mentioned above are incredibly high performance. You will not regret buying these steam cleaners. Make sure you compare all the features properly before purchasing one and then pick the best out of the lot. When you invest in a steam cleaner, make sure it is a long term relief for quick and easy cleaning.

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