5 Best Steam Cleaner To Refresh And Sanitize Every Surface

The 5 Best Steam Cleaner To Refresh And Sanitize Every Surface.

A Guide To Buy The Best Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner For Your Home

Steam has multiple uses, but cleaning with steam cleaners has become really easy and effective.  A multi-purpose steam cleaner can remove the stubborn dirt and grime around your home without any toxic effects and conventional cleaning products’ chemical odors.

Today, we will be discussing some of the best multi-purpose steam cleaners in 2021. We will be highlighting their features, pros, and cons along with a buying guide related to these steam cleaners. So have a look:

1- Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy-Duty Steamer


Dupray has topped our list of best multi-purpose steam cleaners. This company is top-rated because its products contain numerous features. The quality of this particular Neat Steam is average, but it can last for many years.

First of all, it has a unique nice look that doesn’t resemble it with any vacuum cleaner. It features a 1600 ml water tank that is supposedly larger if compared to many other models of this same company. It can last for about 50 minutes of continued usage. The temperature can go up to 275°F or 135°C that is more than enough given the price. It’s a powerful steam cleaner with the technology to belch out superheated and pressurized steam at 135 degrees. This will deeply clean, degrease, deodorize, and disinfect any surface.

It is considered an all-in-one steam cleaner because it comes with many accessories and powerful 50 psi steam output. It has six detail brushes, three microfiber pads, a triangular brush, floor tool, extension poles, and even a window cleaner. All the accessories make it clean, from fabric curtains to ceramic floor tiles, from toilet seats to car seats, from carpets and rugs to sofa seats and cushions.

  • 2-year warranty.
  • High user rating.
  • 1600ml large water tank.
  • Great performance.
  • Average quality material


2- Wagner Spraytech Steam Machine Multi-Purpose Home Steamer

Wagner Spraytech Steam Machine Multi-Purpose Home Steamer

If you are looking for a potent steam cleaner for heavy-duty usage, check out this Wagner Spraytech multipurpose home steamer. It is quite powerful because that it offers the highest temperature rating of 290°F or 143°C. This temperature is high enough to clean the surface quickly. The water tank has a capacity of 1120 ml water. It is small, but it is designed to endure the heating temperature and make it last for quite a long time. As compared to many other multi-purpose steam cleaners, it comes in high-quality material. It is reliable and durable. It comes with 17 accessories that can be used in different cleaning scenarios.

  • 2-year long warranty.
  • Highly powerful and suitable for heavy-duty usage.
  • Features a quite efficient boiler design.
  • Also, have some handy accessories.
  • The water tank is a bit small.

3- Comforday Multi-Purpose Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner


Comfort is another famous brand that offers affordable yet functional multi-purpose steam cleaners. This particular model is small, compact, and hand-held. It is slightly different from your ordinary-looking steam cleaners. It features a 350 ml water tank. The temperature rating of this steam cleaner is given at 270°F or 132°C. Despite being a small and compact design, its quality and performance are pretty good. It is durable and reliable to manage cleaning in small spaces.  However, it comes with a 1-year extended warranty, which is not ideal for some buyers. People want something that comes with at least 2 years warranty.

  • The temperature rating can go to 270°F or 132°C.
  • 350 ml water tank capacity.
  • Handheld compact design.
  • The decent quality of the material is used.
  • Only a 1-year extended warranty.
  • Compact design results in a small water tank.

4- Karcher SC5 EasyFix Premium Steam Cleaner


The Karcher SC5 is a premium quality German multi-purpose steam cleaner. It is powerful enough to clean away the masses of dirt in one go. It comes with a bunch of accessories that help with cleaning on different surfaces. It has a large 1.5L water tank that helps this machine cover 150m² area before refilling it. It features a whopping 4.2 bar of pressurized steam powerful enough to soften the dirt particles on the surface. The steams have different levels that can be used according to the level of cleaning you require. Low levels use less steam and save water and power while going gently on the surface. It is one of the most impressive models in the “SC” range.

With superheated steam and the SC5’s powerful pressure, the steam cleaner can effectively kill 99.99% of germs and viruses on the surface. Let it be your lounge floor or your kitchen cabinets; it will definitely erase stubborn dirt and grime on the surface with a VapoHydro function. This function allows an extra blast of a hot stream that enhances the cleaning power. Using this technology, the Karcher SC5 even takes out oil stains and tile grout that are somewhat troublesome. The accessories that come along with this steam cleaner are easy to attach and detach. There is a nozzle used to clean limescale and tile grout around the taps in the kitchen and washrooms.

  • The water tank volume is 2L.
  • Steam pressure is 4.2 bar.
  • The trigger has a child lock.
  • Sometimes, there may be fog due to high temperatures and steam.

5- Nugeni Steampac + Portable Handheld Steamer

Nugeni Steampac+ Portable Handheld Steamer

The Nugeni’s STEAMPAC+ is a portable handheld steamer that has gained a lot of high praise. It is great because of using standard tap water, and with that, it can sanitize, deodorize, and eliminate up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, mold, and bed bugs in a home. All of this is without the use of harsh chemicals that make it safer for kids and pets residing in the house.

The boiler is highly efficient. It delivers super-heated steam that quickly penetrates grease and grime and makes it easy to scrub in one go without doing heavy scrubbing. The water tank allows 39 minutes of continuous steam cleaning. It is perfect to use on countertops, appliances, grills, and other places where the other big steam cleaner can’t be used.

  • Powerful super-heated steam.
  • Adjustable steam output control.
  • Simple yet compact design.
  • Lightweight.
  • The water tank needs a quick refill.

Buying Guide for The Best Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner

A multi-purpose steam cleaner can be of use in multiple situations, as the name suggests. It can clean different types of surfaces. Hot steam can sanitize the surface and even remove the toughest stains. But what are the features and specifications that make a good multi-purpose steam cleaner? Well, there are a few things that matter a lot to discuss one by one. Have a look:

  1. Temperature Rating

The foremost important thing is the temperature rating of the steam cleaner that matters. The temperature rating can vary from model to model and from company to company. The temperature can range from 220°F or 93°C to 290°F or 143°C in the multi-purpose steam cleaner. We recommend you buy the one with a more significant temperature rating because it will perform better. Some of them feature different temperature level controls as well. They are more efficient.

  1. Water Tank Size

Given the above discussion, you can understand that having a water tank of a reasonable size is really important. No one wants to refill it in the middle of a cleaning session. These steam cleaners use a boiler to heat water and turn it into steam. This steam is vital for cleaning, so having a large tank will allow more time for cleaning. So, go with the larger water tank.

  1. Pressure Rating

The pressure is required if you want a quick and better performance from your multi-purpose steam cleaner. There is a pressure measurement in the bar. It will be mentioned as 2 bars or 4 bars. Go with the highest pressure because it can enhance the performance of cleanliness in a steam cleaner.

  1. Power Cord and Hose Length

All sorts of multi-purpose steam cleaners are electric, and they come with a power cord and a hose. They all need electricity to let the water turn into steam. So when you are cleaning a room, you need to have a long power cord that is enough to let you roam into the room freely while cleaning. So, go with the most extended power cord. In the same way, the hose length is either 3 or 5 feet. It works as an extension for the steam cleaner.

  1. Power Consumption

With all the benefits aside, you need a steam cleaner that saves your electricity. Power consumption is a big deal, and many new things are energy-saving features; you need something that can do better cleaning while using lesser voltages. The entry levels steam cleaners are rated around 1200 watts; more powerful models might go up to 1500 watts and even higher in case. Consider the one with less energy consumption.

  1. Durability and Warranty

Finally, you have to consider the durability and warranty of a multi-purpose cleaner. You are spending a lot of money so it would be right if you get at least 2 years of warranty. Some products even come with a longer warranty time so consider the one with an extended warranty.

Why Prefer Multipurpose Steam Cleaners?

There are several reasons why people prefer multi-purpose steam cleaners. Some of the reasons are given below:

  • Eco-friendly:

Everybody wants to live in a clean environment where everything is properly cleaned and reused. The steam cleaners offer us the possibility of being eco-friendly. There is no need for extra chemicals and stuff. Plain tap water is used to do cleaning, and the microfibers used on steam cleaner can be washed as well.

  • Germ-free surrounding:

What would be more enticing than having germ-free surroundings in your home without using any harsh chemicals? This can be achieved with multipurpose steam cleaners because they use steam to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Versatile Equipment To Handle Cleaning:

Households require a lot of cleaning in different places, and having a separate cleaning machine for each task is such a lengthy procedure. Considering that multi-purpose steam cleaners can clean all sorts of surfaces, it makes them versatile equipment to handle cleaning in your home.

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